Return to Summerfield

The ladies of Summerfield are back with new and exciting stories. Luci Carlito Clark returns to Summerfield after learning that her “Mr. Perfect” might not be as perfect as she believed when marrying him twelve years ago. Her return results in confusion, excitement, and danger as she deals with both her husband and a former boyfriend from her high school days. Regenia Whitworth enters Summerfield in a cloud of smoke as her car breaks down and she is introduced to Bart Murphy, a tow truck driver, who turns out to be a friend to a woman in need. Both Regenia and Bart are hiding secrets that will come back to haunt them. Many surprises await both parties as the threads of their stories are unraveled.

The Girl from Nip 'n' Tuck

Dianne Hollis graduated from college and embarked on a quest to find two things–an ideal job and the perfect man. Time proved that finding either one of them was no easy task. Struggling with difficult classes, unpredictable students, and unreliable men, she managed to keep her sanity by maintaining a sense of humor and putting her trust in God. Inheriting her father’s stubborn streak and her mother’s strong sense of Christian faith, she was determined to make it in her chosen profession, no matter what it took to succeed

The Girl from Nip 'n' Tuck Part II

Dianne H. Lundy has finally achieved her two dreams in life: finding the perfect man and obtaining the ideal job–or has she? She enters Pineville High School, the final school of her teaching career, but will the student body of over 1,000 students prove too much for her? She rises to meet the challenge with some humorous and sometimes outlandish situations. Her journey in her home life continues as she becomes a mother and brings up a son instead of the daughter she had always wanted. Her faith is tested as she deals with aging parents and unexpected pets, retires, and endures several years of treatment for cancer, which brings her back to God in one of her happiest moments. 



What do a new teacher, a college dropout, a recently widowed woman with a young daughter, and an overweight college co-ed have in common? They all find themselves in Summerfield, a small quiet college town where nothing out of the ordinary ever seems to happen–at least not until they move there. The women are all seeking the same things–a satisfying career, a sense of accomplishment, and stability in their love life. They soon find themselves in the middle of adventures they never dreamed would happen. Each woman’s life is changed forever by someone who has an unexpected influence on her life, whether for better or worse. Their heart-warming stories provide entertaining moments for all readers who appreciate a good story about romance, adventure, and humorous situations.

Springtime in Summerfield: Cat Nip

Miss Betty Applewhite, Summerfield’s unofficial matchmaker, is determined to get another young couple together. She uses the ploy of having one of her cats stuck in a tree to summon both the fire department and police department, hoping to unite a female firefighter and a young police officer. Realizing that this can’t go on forever, she devises a plan to have them assist her in the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program for feral cats. They reluctantly agree, but a mystery soon develops as cats begin disappearing around the town. The mystery deepens as two young boys disappear while fishing. Will the cats be found? Will the missing boys be rescued? Will Miss Betty’s plan come to fruition? The answers are revealed as the plot develops in “Springtime in Summerfield,” which features both new characters and some familiar faces from the Summerfield series.

Three and a Half Mermaids

Three mermaid sisters live with their mermaid mother in her golden kingdom under the sea. The two oldest, Anabelle and Audrie, go out to play and stay too long. They are captured by an octopus, who turns out to be friendly. They have a great adventure and learn an important lesson in the process.

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